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Incense Stick Making Machine

Incense Stick Making Machine

Incense sticks are a part of the Hindu ritual. The mystery of lighting this holy stick shows prayer to the Panch Bhutas which are earth, water, fire and space. During prayer, burning incense stick removes unpleasant odors in the air and lifts the spirit of the devotees and clears the ill thoughts of their mind. This is the reason, the demand for incense stick is on a rise.

S. K. Engineers is the well known brand to supply Incense Stick Making Machine. We are the recognized company who are involved in making and designing the Incense Stick Making Machine. We are the best manufacturers of these machines made to get operated manually and automatically according to the client’s convenience and demand. We manufactures the machines to make them work smoothly and can get installed easily.

We manufacture the Incense Stick Making Machines along with a robust body structure. We are making the machines which are helpful in producing the number of incense sticks with various aroma and designs. These machines are durable in long term and require least maintenance. We are making the important machine as it helps in giving the product which gets used for ethical purpose and aesthetic needs. These machines produce incense stick in different types of aroma and fragrances with variant shapes and sizes.

  • We manufacture the machines which are made to give multiple strokes every second.
  • These machines are made in compact designs thus require least space to get installed.
  • These incense stick making machines are easy to operate and maintain.
  • We design the machine which run on motor at a speed of 150-200 pieces/minute approximately.


Within 2 - 6 Weeks After Confirmation Of Order.


Product made by this machine.