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PVC Rigid Pipe Making Machine Manufacturers

PVC Rigid Pipe Making Machine

P.V.C Rigid & H.D.P.E Pipe Machine

S.K Engineers is a reputed manufacturer of a wide range of P.V.C And H.D.P.E Pipe Making Machines, We offer P.V.C Rigid And H.D.P.E Pipe Making Machines to our customers at a reasonable price keeping in mind their requirements and purpose. We are amongst top PVC rigid pipe making machine manufacturers. These machines have varying uses in the pipe manufacturing industry, They are used to produce P.V.C pipes used for water supply, Drainage and to insulate electrical wiring in buildings and houses. Our P.V.C And H.D.P.E Pipe Making Machines are manufactured using high grade components and technology so that they can provide high quality P.V.C and H.D.P.E pipes. High Density Polyethylene Pipes(H.D.P.E) are very durable and are used to carry out a number of heavy duty tasks such as agricultural water supplies, Borewell and pumping systems and gas pipelines. H.D.P.E pipes are also used to carry chemical hazardous waste , water supplies and oil through oil pipelines.


Within two to eight weeks after completion of order.


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